The jewels of the South

Villa del Borgo Hotel represents the ideal stay to discover the South-West of Sardinia. In a mix of surprising vivacity in this part of the isle live together country landscapes, villages, lagoons, history, nature reserves and shores of breathtaking beauty. At a distance of 3 kmt we find Pula: the town shows the typical characteristics of Campidano region, and in summertime becomes very lively with its shops and nightlife. It is well-known for the deliciousness of its fruits and, above all, for the archeological site of Nora, an ancient Punic city. Nora is situated on Capo Pula promontory and it probably was an harbor city since the Bronze Age. The shores of Santa Margherita di Pula, perfumed by the maquis, are a soft carpet of fine grains shading from grey to pink; the water is shallow and embellished with thousands of clear reflections. On the other side, close to the flat zone perfect for horse-rides, we found the nature area of Is Cannoneris, well-known for the high quality of myrtle and mushrooms. In this reserve lives a large community of deer, but you can see also the golden eagle hovering in the air. Another timeless landscape is the WWF Reserve of Sardinian Deer in the area of Monte Arcosu (the biggest in Europe). Then you reach Cagliari, perfectly described by D. H. Lawrence in his Sea and Sardinia: “(…)Yet withal rather jewel-like: like a sudden rose-cut amber jewel naked at the depth of the vast indenture. (…) It is like some vision, some memory (…)”.