Turn off the stress and give yourself completely up to the sweet and pungent scents of maquis. Let yourself go into the art of “good living” in the delightful setting of Villa del Borgo Hotel. Extracted from an old manor house, the hotel preserves echoes of ancient memories. All around an extended land goes from the meadows to the central building getting lost, together with the sight, into the colours of the pomegranates, vegetables and fresh fruits, here still cultivated. Throughout the short way that saparates the hotel from the sea, the air kindly blends the thick maquis with the brackish water; it seems to anticipate the sight of a wonderful shore with a soft and incredibly white sand, that ends in a turquoise sea with cobalt blue and topaz green tints.

The careful renovation of the building represents a perfect mix between the endless beauty of the place and modern comfort. Villa del Borgo offers a precious and enchanted atmosphere that lets you discover Sardinia’s strange magic: the ideal place to remain unplugged.